— Hacking design workflow

Figma Plugins

Design workflow can be tedious & repetitive so why not automate some of these & keep designers focused more on solving problems while spending less time worrying about other stuff. Increase quality & efficiency at the same time?

In that context, I've been building plugins to automate or optimise some of these workflows in SoundCloud's design team

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Figma Plugin

Dark Vader 💛🖤

October 2021 Design Community

Design in one theme & automate the rest.

Dark Vader Beta
Figma Plugin

UI Ninja 🥷

To be Released internally soon SoundCloud Design Team

It helps designers convert their designs between iOS & Android.

Figma Plugin

Space Invaders 👾

Released internally 2021 SoundCloud Design Team

A Figma plugin to help designers work with spacing component on canvas. Make understanding of how layouts are built easier.

Figma Plugin

FigmaCloud ☁️

Released internally 2021 SoundCloud Design Team

Fill your designs, components & layers with real SoundCloud data. It makes sure our designs work in different cases & contexts.

Figma Plugin

Dark Vader 🖤

Released internally 2021 SoundCloud Design Team

Switch to Dark mode with a click of a button based on mapped Design System colors.