OneFootball's company website

Case Study Feb 15 2019 2 mins read

OneFootball's company website
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About OneFootball

OneFootball is one of the of the most (if not the most) successful football apps available on iOS and Android. It's a football app for the fans that combines the personalized scores and live stats experience with curated and internally written articles about all the different leagues and teams across various languages.


Building a small company website that is all done by the design team was an amazing side project. At the time OneFootball's web team wasn't big enough and they had a lot of projects that they wanted to fit in. Erd and myself ended up building it together. Both of us enjoy coding on the side, so we accepted the challenge. Check out the live version (might not be live anymore)

old website


We started by understanding why the old one didn't work anymore and gathered feedback from anyone who was using the old website. Main feedback was not to present OneFootball as just an app but as a company, as a fun environment and as football fans. HR had a need with recruiting and making it easy to post new jobs and categorize them which wasn't possible on the old one.

The Design

We opted-in for something definitely less green and simpler than what we had. Did plenty of explorations on how it should look like. The awesome Illustrations were done by Melanie Daveid to spice up the website and give it a bit of personality.

New home page
New careers page


We used Wordpress as a CMS because HR was already familiar with it and it was one of the tools we used internally for editorial so it seemed like the right choice. We didn't want to use it for front-end because we think it's hard to manage and we aren't familiar with PHP, so we used headless WordPress instead with NuxtJS and consumed WordPress as an API. definitely, made our life easier to use Bootstrap as a CSS framework which I personally like 🙈. Check out the live version (might not be live anymore)